Services For Pool Cleaning

It is more than simply cleaning the pool. This includes testing the chemicals and adding any necessary chemicals to stop bacteria growth. This includes brushing/cleaning out any baskets that were designed to collect debris. An additional cost is required to clean the filter cartridges in order to maintain the correct water pressure. The cost includes skimming the pool, then vacuuming and brushing the bottom. Backwashing is the final step of cleaning. This involves using pool water to clean out dirt and debris.

Brush Service

This is for pools that have good cleaning systems and do not need to be vacuumed often. This service is extremely popular with Beach to Bay Dive and Pools clients. Contact us to learn more about this service.


Enjoy Your Pool

It is important to keep a swimming pool clean in order to maintain its beauty and prevent any organisms from growing in it. You can relax and enjoy your pool by hiring a pool cleaner to take care of the dirty work. Contact Beach to Bay Dive and Pools today.

There Are Many Reasons To Get Professional Pool Cleaning Service

You can cool off during the summer heat by having a pool. You might also use it to host neighbors for a barbecue and a dip. However, it can be hard work to maintain a beautiful pool. Everyone who swims in a pool may get sick if they don’t use chemicals and keep it clean.

Preventing Infections From The Pool

To prevent E.coli infections from spreading, it is important to use the correct pool chemicals and clean up after swimming. This organism can cause mild to severe diarrhea and even death in children. This organism can be transmitted through swimming in contaminated water. Pool chemical and cleaning companies are experts in pool cleaning and know how to make sure your swimming pool is clean enough to prevent E. coli from spreading from your pool water.

Shigellosis can also be prevented by working with a company that is experienced in pool chemicals and cleaning. This is a bacterial infection that causes nausea, fever, cramps, and vomiting.

The Best Chemicals For Your Pool

To ensure your pool is free from bacteria and germs that could cause infection, it is important to maintain the correct level of chemicals. However, it takes skill and experience to keep your pool’s chemicals balanced. A professional pool cleaning service can help you keep your pool clean and free of germs. Beach to Bay Dive and Pools is a premier provider of pool maintenance, cleaning, and repair services in Pinellas County and the Tampa area. Click HERE to contact us today and experience the best pool cleaning in the city!


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