Concrete Dock Pilings

Beach to Bay Divers and Pools is offering a new type of concrete dock pilings service that is guaranteed to enhance the value of your property and make your dock look maintenance-free for years.

Prevent any accidents from happening on your waterfront property by making sure your dock’s foundation is in good shape. You can also prevent piling damage from getting worse by fixing it immediately. Major repairs should be left to professionals.

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What Are Dock Pilings?

Dock pilings are foundations for different marine structures such as docks and piers. The pilings should be strong and long-lasting enough to prevent the structure from being swept away by waves or falling into the water.

The dock’s integrity can be affected by weather and water exposure. During an accident, the structure could collapse suddenly and cause severe injuries to anyone who is on the platform.

Concrete dock pilings can age and cause the rebar within to rust, which can lead to them doubling in size. Concrete can crack or break from this expansion. It is often more economical to repair than to replace the piling. 

Talk to us today to schedule an assessment and find out the best dock solution for you! Here are the steps we take during our piling wrapping service.

Professional Dock Piling Wrap & Repair

Our experts will provide top-notch service for piling wrap repairs. To ensure the best possible result, we follow the right process:

Our Piling Wrap Adds Extra Protection

We only offer black piling wrap to ensure that our customers get the best results. This shade has a high UV rating to provide extra protection for all uses. You can be sure that your new piling is protected from marine life and will not affect the integrity of your dock wood.

​​The Environmental Protection Agency has banned all chemicals that are used to treat wood for docks or pilings. The most common treatment is Creosote, which contains many components that can be extremely toxic to aquatic organisms.

Currently, manufactured pilings will last approximately 10-15 years without any maintenance or inspections. Piling wrapping can increase the life expectancy of these pilings by up to two times. It acts as a barrier against the elements and does not cause any harm to the environment. This proven method can increase the life span of your piling by 20-30 years.

Beach to Bay Divers and Pools is proud to offer concrete dock pilings service in Tampa Bay, and other surrounding areas. Our company has been serving the community for years. We are known for honest, high-quality work. We are known for our exceptional craftsmanship and long-lasting structures. Every marine construction project that we undertake is given the highest priority. Get in touch with us.


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