Diving Services

Piling Wrap and Re-Wrap

Beach to Bay Divers is a specialist in protecting your docks in St. Petersburg and South Tampa. We also serve the Pinellas, Hillsborough, and Manatee counties. We are available to help you with our reliable and professional crew to inspect and place water protection on your docks. We are looking forward to speaking with you about your dock protection requirements.

Concrete Jackets

The SnapJacket piling repair system has become an increasingly popular option to repair structurally damaged dock pilings. The SnapJacket is a special PVC “jacket” that is wrapped around the existing wood piling. At Beach to Bay, we make sure to have 2-3” of space between the jacket and the existing piling so the concrete can properly repair the existing piling.

Underwater Hull Cleaning

The warm waters of Florida produce more marine growth than normal, which can cause excess drag on your vessel. This can lead to increased fuel costs, clogged thru-hull intakes, and propeller vibrations. An underwater cleaning service is essential for maintenance and the longevity of your watercraft.

Propeller Pulling

It’s almost inevitable that you will run aground or hit something if you own a boat in Southwest Florida for too long. Props are usually not happy with this. Prop damage will not only cause poor performance but can also create vibrations that can lead to more damage.

Piling Inspections

When buying waterfront property, or renovating an existing structure, it is easy to forget about dock inspections and putting in pilings. If docks are not taken care of properly, they can be a costly expense. Make sure to schedule an inspection before you make any changes to your docking or close on your new waterfront property.

Seawall Cleaning

Your property’s primary protection tool is the seawall. Your seawall can be quickly damaged by oyster and barnacle growth. Excessive buildup can cause cracks in your seawall, which can lead to property erosion.

Underwater Salvage

It doesn’t mean that a valuable piece of equipment has to be lost forever just because it was thrown overboard. Equipment of any size can be located and recovered by Beach to Bay Divers Underwater Salvage Service.

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