Dock Piling Inspections

Dock Inspection

When buying waterfront property, or renovating an existing structure, it is easy to forget about dock piling inspections and putting in pilings. If docks are not taken care of properly, they can be a costly expense. Make sure to schedule an inspection before you make any changes to your docking or close on your new waterfront property.

A new dock in Tampa Bay costs between $20-$70k on average.

Dock Piling Inspections

  • Pilings underwater dive inspection
  • Diagram of color-coded recommendations
  • A link to photos or videos of any piling damage (depending on the water conditions).Inspection of Structural Integrity
Dock Piling Inspection Services From Beach To Bay Divers

Piling is an essential part of any marine project. The structure of wood pilings can be damaged if they are covered in marine growth. It is possible to hide the extent of damage, making it difficult to determine if the dock piling should be repaired. The dock pilings are the first step in building a dock. They are located deep within the waterway. The dock pilings are constantly exposed to water and can be damaged.

It is vital that docks are regularly inspected, maintained, and repaired in order to keep them in good shape. This is why you need to hire the best dock piling inspection company in St. Petersburg. At Beach to Bay Divers, we offer a full range of dock piling services.

We do everything, from an inspection of your docks for any underlying damage to finding the best solution, right through to fixing the problem. Beach to Bay Divers can help you get your dock pilings back in shape.

Dock Piling Inspections

Protect Pilings With Smart Techniques

We understand that dock pilings must be protected at all costs. Therefore, we offer a unique range of services to ensure that your docks remain safe from further damage. We have the perfect solution for those who have just installed dock pilings. To protect your dock pilings, we offer effective dock piling wrap.

Infestation of dock pilings is possible from constant exposure to water and other organisms. This can lead to further damage. A piling wrap can help to prevent this from happening. Piling wraps can help minimize future damage


Many times people ignore the signs of damage until it is too late. Dock piling inspections can be a great way to avoid any inconvenience. This will allow you to determine the extent of any damage to your dock pilings.

We take every step seriously and ensure the highest level of diligence, whether it’s about a dock piling wrap or dock piling inspection. Our professionals work steadily through the project to provide the best possible services for your docks.

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Dock Piling Inspections

Dock Piling Inspection Process

Beach To Bay Divers & Pools provides dock piling inspection to guarantee that your dock remains safe, secure, and functional for years.

The dock piling inspection begins with visually examining all pilings above and below waterline areas. Our experienced professionals will inspect each piling for damage such as cracks, rot, splitting, or other signs of wear and tear. Furthermore, we check alignment, spacing, and depth to guarantee each piling adequately supports your dock’s weight.

Suppose we discover any damage or deterioration during our inspection process. In that case, we will collaborate with you to decide the most suitable course of action for repair. With decades of experience in dock piling repair and replacement, we use only top-notch materials and techniques for long-lasting and dependable results.

We offer a range of repair solutions, such as installing new pilings, reinforcing existing pilings, and piling encapsulation. When performing repairs underwater, we utilize specialized equipment with great care to minimize disruption to the ecosystem and marine life nearby.

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