Drain Cover Replacement

Save Water, Save Time, Save Money

Are you ready for a drain cover replacement? It’s better to hire professionals than do it yourself. A poorly installed drain cover could lead to water loss or worse, drowning. A child or adult might get their foot, hand, or any other part of their body caught against the drain if the suction isn’t controlled. This is not a good idea for your pool.

For years, Beach to Bay Dive and Pools has been installing and replacing pool drain covers without draining the pool.

Each cover is carefully examined for its safety and function.

We can calculate flow rates, pump sizing, and pipe sizing as well as relationship coefficients. Every pool drain installation is different and should be treated with care.

It’s all done underwater, saving water, time, money, and saving lives.

Our company is a professional underwater pool repair service. We can work underwater without having to drain your pool. Our pool covers are installed safely and correctly using special tools.

Beach to Bay Dive and Pools can repair your pool underwater, so don't drain it!

You can email us photos of your pool drain covers to get free feedback. For more information, please contact us by clicking the button below.

Enjoy Your Pool

It is important to keep a swimming pool clean in order to maintain its beauty and prevent any organisms from growing in it. You can relax and enjoy your pool by hiring a pool cleaner to take care of the dirty work. Contact Beach to Bay Dive and Pools today.

There Are Many Reasons to Get Professional Pool Cleaning Service

You can cool off during the summer heat by having a pool. You might also use it to host neighbors for a barbecue and a dip. However, it can be hard work to maintain a beautiful pool. Everyone who swims in a pool may get sick if they don’t use chemicals and keep it clean.

Spa Drain and Swimming Pool Entrapment Must Be Prevented

When anti-entrapment drain covers have been installed properly, there has never been a documented drowning. An experienced professional will install the correct pool drain cover to ensure safety.

Each drain entrapment death is one of these:

  • A flat grate was available
  • A cover was broken/cracked
  • The cover was missing
  • The cover was not correctly installed

Split Drains

Split pool drains are suction points that are tee-ed below the surface. They must be placed at least 36 inches apart (in the center) and hydraulically balanced.


We carry a variety of pool drain covers to ensure safety.
White, black, light gray, dark grey and light grey are the most popular colors.

Pool Drain Cover Replacement by Experts

Drain covers can become cracked, worn, and dirty. It is a matter for maintenance to have drain covers regularly inspected and replaced. Call the Beach to Bay Dive and Pools pool experts if you need to replace your underwater drain cover. We can quickly and safely replace your drain cover.

Pool drains should never be ignored. You should always know how to access and how clean your pool’s drain covers. Luckily, we’re here to help. We offer professional drain cover replacement services in Pinellas County, West Tampa, South Tampa, and Davis Island. Contact us today! 


Replace that old, damaged drain cover, and be sure to have plenty of clean pool water for your family to enjoy this summer.


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