Pool Filter Maintenance

How Pool Filter Maintenance Works

Your Pool filter could have easily passed water when it was new. The pressure gauge on the filter shows that the pressure gauge reads between 8 and 25 psi depending on how your pool is set up.

The filter collects water debris as it does its job. As the filter becomes more clogged, the pressure will rise. The pressure should rise 25% above the starting pressure. This is the time for filter maintenance and making room for any new debris.

Inadequate pressure can cause water to flow less efficiently, which can lead to a cloudy pool, poor circulation, and increased wear.

How long you can go between backwashings/cleanings of the filter varies quite a bit from pool to pool. It all depends on the size of your pool and filter. Pool owners may need to clean their filters once a week, while others might not need to clean them for a whole season.

It’s a good idea, regardless of the pressure, to clean your filter at least once per year.

Enjoy Your Pool

It is important to keep a swimming pool clean in order to maintain its beauty and prevent any organisms from growing in it. You can relax and enjoy your pool by hiring a pool cleaner to take care of the dirty work. Contact Beach to Bay Dive and Pools today.

There Are Many Reasons to Get Professional Pool Cleaning Service

You can cool off during the summer heat by having a pool. You might also use it to host neighbors for a barbecue and a dip. However, it can be hard work to maintain a beautiful pool. Everyone who swims in a pool may get sick if they don’t use chemicals and keep it clean.


The pump must be switched off in order to clean a cartridge filter. To prevent the pool’s draining, the filter should be turned off if it is below the level of the water.


For cleaning debris stuck to the sand, sand filters can have either a push/pull or multiport main valve.


There are two types of DE filters. The first uses a push-pull or multiport valve to clean. This type of DE filter is cleaned in the same way as a sand filter. There is one difference: most of the DE is removed with dirt. Therefore, you will need to add more to clean the filter. (Sand is not removed by backwashing so it doesn’t have to be replaced).

It is sometimes necessary to open a DE filter once in a while and perform a thorough cleaning.

Whichever type of filter you have, remember to keep an eye on the pressure gauge and perform the backwashings/cleanings as needed.

This ensures that you will never experience poor filtration, or cloudy or expensive equipment repair/replacement.

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Doing filter maintenance is easy and takes only a few minutes each month. This will prevent any problems in the future, and you can enjoy a trouble-free pool! Call Beach to Bay Dive and Pools to discuss your swimming pool filter. To prolong the life of your pool equipment, we will clean & maintain it.


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