Full-Service Boat Rigging

Full-Service Boat Rigging

Are you searching for a full-service boat rigging service in Pinellas County? Beach to Bay Dive and Pools can help.

When it comes to rigging, you want your yacht to be in the best hands.

Beach to Bay Dive and Pools are experts in stainless wire and fittings to meet all your boat rigging requirements. We can either accommodate your request while you wait or provide a 1-day turnaround if needed.

Beach to Bay Dive and Pools offers rigging inspections that are accredited and a complete rigging service every day of the year. Get in touch with our team today!

Underwater Hull Cleaning

Mast and Rigging Inspection

Boats can be harmed by life on the water. A full inspection of the rigging is recommended to ensure your yacht can withstand another season on the water. Inspections include a non-destructive visual inspection of all fixtures and fittings on your boat for cracking, wear, and deterioration.


Beach to Bay Divers can clean your boat before you leave for a long trip, or if you have a special cleaning need. Your vessel will perform its best and will not consume excessive fuel.

Beach to Bay divers have the ability to clean hulls underwater without causing damage. Relying on a company with years of experience in the Southwest Florida area will give you peace of mind. We use proven methods that have been tested and will make sure your boat is safe.

Yacht Re-Rigs & Standing Rigging

Our yacht re-rigs are made from the finest materials and are fitted by skilled experts. Your yacht will be ready for sailing in no time.

Rig Tuning

Tuning your yacht is an essential part of yacht ownership. It involves balancing tension. Each boat is tuned according to its type, boat style, and personal sailing preferences.

Line Rigging

We have halyards, sheets and other line options to meet your needs. We can perform splices in-house and, in some cases, while you wait.

Architectural Rigging

We offer architectural rigging services as part of our full-service rigging yard.

You Want Your Yacht Ready for You When You Need It

Sailboats, yachts, and other watercraft can be an investment that you want to take care of properly. After all, you want your yacht ready for you when you need it.

Beach to Bay Dive and Pools offers full-service boat rigging in Pinellas County, South Tampa, West Tampa, and Davis Island. Our expert staff can handle any type of vessel: sailboats, yachts, and other small crafts.

We can handle any type of job that needs to be done on your yacht: new lines, anchor lines, anchor sails, sail repair and replacement, winches and pulleys, deck hardware installation, re-roping of sails, wiring, and more. Contact us today to learn more about our full-service boat rigging service!


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