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Your pool is beautiful, but the green algae that have taken over the tiles can be quite an eye sore. If you are looking for a company that offers pool brushing/cleaning services in the Pinellas County area, then you need to call Beach to Bay Dive and Pools!

Chemical Maintenance

Beach to Bay Dive and Pools is Pinellas County’s leading pool chemical maintenance company. We offer the best pool chemical services. Beach to Bay Dive and Pools offers two options for pool water testing or pool chemical balance. You can choose to have your pool chemical only if you do not want cleaning. Our clients are located in many areas of Pinellas County, West Tampa, South Tampa, and Davis Island.

Filter Maintenance

Proper pool filter maintenance not only helps you get the most out of your filtration system, but it will also ensure a cleaner and clearer swimming environment for you, your family, and your friends.

Most people are aware that a filter is an important component of a swimming pool’s filter system. However, many do not realize that it must be maintained regularly to ensure proper equipment performance and clean water.

Pump/ Timer Repairs

Let me be perfectly honest with you. Pump/timer repairs are in no way easy. You could easily get yourself into a pickle and make things worse than they were before. Hot water heaters for the pool can be complicated. Most likely, you would need a licensed technician to complete this job for you. Thankfully, Beach to Bay Dive and Pools provides pump/timer repair service with free estimates. When you call our team, we will arrive on time and get to work right away.

Underwater Light Replacement

When the lights in your pool go out, it’s a major headache. You no longer can enjoy your pool at night and typically, you must hire a technician to come and repair the fixture. But there is another option: underwater light replacement. Over the years, pool lighting has evolved a lot. Modern pool lights are more efficient and more appealing than old fixtures. They also make it easier to switch on and off. Modern standards can improve the appearance and value of your pool by replacing old light fixtures with modern ones. Beach to Bay Dive and Pools installs pool lights in Pinellas County and the Greater Tampa region.

Underwater Pool Crack Repair

Underwater pool crack repair is a crucial task that must be handled by an experienced pool contractor. A minor crack can, over time, develop into a great fissure with devastating consequences.

Drain Cover Replacement

Are you ready for a drain cover replacement? It’s better to hire professionals than do it yourself. A poorly installed drain cover could lead to water loss or worse, drowning. A child or adult might get their foot, hand, or any other part of their body caught against the drain if the suction isn’t controlled. This is not a good idea for your pool.
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