Underwater Pool Light Replacement

Diagnosis & Repair Of Pool Lights

Old pool lights can become less efficient over time. Beach to Bay Dive and Pools can diagnose and provide an underwater light replacement. Some pool lights cannot be repaired. When a fixture is past its prime, it’s better to replace it than repair it. Opting for underwater light replacement can save homeowners money. Old lights can waste energy, costing homeowners as much as $100 per year. New LED lights are half the price and provide the same level of light as old ones.

When the lights in your pool go out, it’s a major headache. You no longer can enjoy your pool at night and typically, you must hire a technician to come and repair the fixture. But there is another option: underwater light replacement. Over the years, pool lighting has evolved a lot. Modern pool lights are more efficient and more appealing than old fixtures. They also make it easier to switch on and off. Modern standards can improve the appearance and value of your pool by replacing old light fixtures with modern ones. Beach to Bay Dive and Pools installs pool lights in Pinellas County and the Greater Tampa region.

Pool lights can be used to highlight architectural features or create or enhance a mood. They also make your backyard pool a safe and enjoyable place to enjoy the time, even in the dark!

Underwater Light Replacement

Underwater Light Replacement in Pinellas County

Bad lighting can cause your swimming pool to lose something very important. Beach to Bay Dive and Pools offers swimming pool lighting installation services to homeowners in Pinellas County and the Tampa area. Contact us by clicking the button below to schedule an appointment!

High-Quality Products

Beach to Bay Dive and Pools only sells and installs the highest quality products, including pool lighting. Our products are known for their durability, long-lasting and attractive nature. Modern LED pool lights last longer than traditional pool lights. This means that your pool lights will last many years more than your old pool lights. Make sure to consult with our pool technician before you buy lights for your pool. We offer a variety of lighting options, including nicheless lighting and energy-efficient LED lights.

Pool Light Installation

Beach to Bay Dive and Pools is the most experienced residential and commercial pool light installation company in  Pinellas County, FL.

            Types of Pool Lights

  • White LED
  • Color LED (most popular)
  • Lamps
  • Nicheless lighting
  • Interior pool lighting
  • And more!


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