Pool Drain Cover Replacement

Pool Drain Cover Replacement

Are you in need of a pool drain cover replacement? It’s better to hire professionals than do it yourself. A poorly installed drain cover could lead to water loss or worse, drowning. A child or adult might get their foot, hand, or any other part of their body caught against the drain. This is not a good idea for your pool.

Although it might seem cliché to say, “Don’t try this at your home,” we could not be more passionate about the message. Sometimes the main drain can cause damage to your swimming pool. It doesn’t matter if it is cracked, rusted, or out of compliance, it’s important that you never replace it yourself.


Enjoy Your Pool

The main drain is an important part of your plumbing system and is subject to a suction pressure of hundreds upon hundreds of pounds. Only scuba equipment can remove it. To complete your main drain cover repair safely, we can stay underwater for extended periods.

We use high-tech gear to protect us from pool suction entrapment. We can handle any situation.

Pool Drain Cover Replacement by Experts

Drain covers can become cracked, worn and dirty. Regular inspection and replacement of drain covers is an important matter. Call our experts in Beach To Bay Divers & Pools if you are in need of pool drain cover replacement. We can quickly and safely replace your drain cover.

Pool Drain Cover Replacement Cost

At some point, every pool owner may need to consider replacing their pool drain covers, especially those located in the pool’s deep end. Our pool drain cover replacement service offers a convenient and cost-effective solution. With a one-trip call, our experienced technicians will remove and replace the main drain covers, ensuring the safety and functionality of your pool.

Our pricing is designed to provide clarity and affordability. The fee for the replacement service covers the labor involved, while the cost of parts is additional. If other main drain covers in the pool require replacement, we offer the option to have them removed and installed during the same visit. Each additional cover is priced at an affordable rate of $35, provided the parts are on-site or readily available with the technician.

Beach to Bay Dive and Pools Can Repair Your Pool Underwater, So Don’t Drain It!

By choosing Beach to Bay Dive and Pools for your pool repair needs, you can trust that your repairs will be completed efficiently and effectively, without the need to drain your pool. Contact us today to learn more about our underwater repair services.

Pool Drain Cover Replacement by Experts

Drain covers can become cracked, worn, and dirty. It is a matter for maintenance to have drain covers regularly inspected and replaced. Call the Beach to Bay Dive and Pools pool experts if you need to replace your underwater drain cover. We can quickly and safely replace your drain cover.

Pool drains should never be ignored. You should always know how to access and how clean your pool’s drain covers. Luckily, we’re here to help. We offer professional drain cover replacement services in Pinellas County, West Tampa, South Tampa, and Davis Island. Contact us today! 


Replace that old, damaged drain cover, and be sure to have plenty of clean pool water for your family to enjoy this summer.


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