Propeller Pulling/Installation

Propeller Services

It’s almost inevitable that you will run aground or hit something if you own a boat in Southwest Florida for too long and require a propeller pulling/installation. Props are usually not happy with this. Prop damage will not only cause poor performance but can also create vibrations that can lead to more damage.

This service includes:

  1. Pull your props
  2. Transport of props from and to the prop shop
  3. Installing new or refurbished props
  4. If necessary, new prop keys or cotter pins
Brush Service

Propeller installation, and removal, are services available at Beach to Bay Divers. We are happy to provide underwater photos and an assessment if your prop is damaged.

Get in touch with us for more information. We offer services in Tampa and the surrounding areas including Pinellas County, Bradenton, and St. Pete.

Propeller Pulling/Installation

Propeller Pulling/Installation

Boat owners often store their boats in water because they live near the water or store them at a marina. Their vessels are not able to be properly cleaned or inspected after each use. Props cannot be pulled easily. Beach to Bay Divers can help you with this.

We monitor the running gear of our clients during routine maintenance visits. We offer prop-pulling services if your prop is in need of repair or a facelift. It takes a professional to replace a propeller on a submerged vessel. Our licensed and certified staff are available to assist you when it comes to a propeller pulling/installation.

Prop pulling

Prop pulling or changing a prop is the act of removing an old or damaged prop and replacing it with a functioning one.

Reasons to change your prop

  1. Propeller damage is the most common reason to have to replace your propellor. You might have accidentally run aground, or gotten tangled up in the weeds. In either case, it is possible that your propeller has suffered significant damage and needs to be replaced.
  2. A propeller change may be necessary if the speed decreases. You might consider changing to a stainless steel prop if you have an aluminum propellor. Steel propellers can be made stronger and thinner. A lighter prop will produce less drag and will hold its shape better at higher speeds.
  3. Are you consuming too much fuel while running your boat? A damaged propeller could be a problem. Your fuel can be sucked away by a damaged, dented or otherwise unsound propeller. It is important to ensure that your propeller is properly sized and in good condition for your boat.

What Can We Do To Help?

Our crew is available to assist you in changing an underwater propeller. We will remove your old or damaged propeller and replace it with a functional one. We also offer a video of the entire process to ensure you don’t miss any detail. Contact us today to inquire about propeller pulling/installation services.


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