Underwater Pool Crack Repair

Don't Let Cracks Ruin Your Pool

Underwater pool crack repair is a crucial task that must be handled by an experienced pool contractor. A minor crack can, over time, develop into a great issue with devastating consequences.

Many swimming pool owners agree that their pool is the focal point of a beautiful backyard. It’s the center of entertainment for you, your children, your neighbors, and your friends. It’s a place where you can relax, unwind, and enjoy the peacefulness of the summer months. Your pool is a significant financial investment and requires a lot of time and money to maintain.

What are you going to do? You are facing the terrible idea of draining thousands upon thousands of gallons and a costly repair bill.

These subtle movements in the ground can lead to cracking in your pool. The traditional crack repair methods require that the pool is drained. This can only exacerbate the problem. Cracks can grow or new cracks may occur. The hot Florida sun can also cause damage to your pool’s finish.

Beach to Bay Dive and Pools will ensure that cracks are repaired without causing more damage. We perform underwater crack repair, instead of draining your pool. It is not necessary to put off repairs to your swimming pool. You should fill all swimming pool cracks as soon as you notice them. We have underwater techniques that make this possible.

Underwater pool crack repair

All Types Of Underwater Pool Crack Repair

Cracks can develop in any part of your swimming pool. Beach to Bay Dive and Pools has the pool specialists to get your pool back in shape quickly. These are the most common issues we can fix:

  • Broken Swimming Pool Walls
  • Steps to a Swimming Pool
  • Broken Swimming Pool Floors

We Can Repair Any Surface On Your Pool

If you have surface damage on your pool, don’t worry, we have the solutions. It is a common belief that repairing underwater pool damage is expensive. However, Beach to Bay Dive and Pools offers affordable underwater pool crack repair services to our customers in Pinellas County and nearby areas. Our experienced team of professionals will take the time to determine the cause of the problem and explain how we will fix it for you. All of our pool repairs are guaranteed; we stand behind each project we undertake. Give us a call today!


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