Underwater Salvage

Lost Equipment

It doesn’t mean that a valuable piece of equipment has to be lost forever just because it was thrown overboard. It can be located and recovered by Beach To Bay underwater salvage services.

Light Salvage

Have You Lost An Item? Underwater salvage Is Right For You!

There is nothing worse than watching a valuable item go overboard only to see it sink. Our divers are skilled at finding lost treasures and can quickly retrieve your property.

Although the Florida coasts are often muddy and murky, that doesn’t stop us from finding lost items.

Underwater Salvage

Standard Light Salvage:

This includes a professional search and salvage dive for up to one hour. Natural variables such as tides and time lost, cannot guarantee the item’s recovery. etc). We have also recovered cameras, phones, various jewelry, laptops and prescription glasses, keys, sunglasses, and even walking sticks.

Fast Response Time

The quicker you respond, the better your outcome. You can contact us ahead of time to discuss your needs and create a plan.

If you need any underwater salvage service contact us today and speak with a team member at Beach to Bay Divers!

Do not hesitate as time is ticking before the tide washes away your valuable items.


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