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Set Sail on a Sparkling Clean Boat with Beach to Bay's Boat Cleaning and Diver Services

Beach to Bay offers professional boat cleaning and diver services to keep your vessel looking its best. From hull cleaning to waxing and polishing, our experienced team provides top-quality services using eco-friendly products .

Zinc Replacement

Beach to Bay provides zinc replacement services as part of our comprehensive boat cleaning and maintenance packages. Our knowledgeable team can identify and replace zincs, shielding the hull, propellers, and other critical parts from corrosion damage.

Underwater Hull Cleaning

Beach to Bay offers underwater hull cleaning services to keep your boat in optimal condition. Our team of experienced divers use specialized equipment to remove marine growth, barnacles and other debris from the hull and underwater components. Hull cleaning improves speed, fuel efficiency and maneuverability while decreasing corrosion or fouling risks.

Polishing and Waxing

Beach to Bay offers comprehensive boat cleaning services, including expert polishing and waxing of the gel coat to restore its shine and protect it from damage. Our team also provides thorough cleaning and disinfecting of the interior, ensuring that your boat is safe and hygienic for you and your passengers.

Our Boat Cleaning Process

Our process begins with thoroughly inspecting the boat’s exterior and interior, identifying areas needing extra care. Then we use eco-friendly products and specialized equipment to clean and polish the hull, decks, and other surfaces to eliminate dirt, grime, and other particles. Our team also pays close attention to the boat’s underwater components, using underwater cleaning techniques to eliminate marine growth and fouling. Once the exterior has been thoroughly cleaned and polished, we move on to the interior, cleaning and disinfecting every surface for a hygienic and comfortable atmosphere for you and your passengers. Our experienced team ensures that every part of your boat is in top condition, leaving it spotless with zero worries!

Underwater Hull Cleaning

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Why Choose Beach to Bay Divers and Pools?

Beach to Bay’s boat cleaning and diver services offers many advantages that will keep your vessel in top condition and enhance the pleasure of boating. Our knowledgeable team utilizes eco-friendly products and specialized equipment for deep and efficient cleaning, guaranteeing every surface is spotless and well-maintained. Regular boat cleaning with Beach to Bay can improve the speed, fuel efficiency and maneuvrability of your vessel while also decreasing the risk of corrosion or fouling damage. Additionally, our comprehensive boat cleaning services help prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and keep your vessel hygienic and comfortable for you and your passengers. With Beach to Bay, you can rest assured that your vessel is in capable hands; enjoy peace of mind knowing your vessel is being kept clean and well-maintained.


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Are you ready to discover the joy of boating on a sparkling clean vessel? Reach out to Beach to Bay today and let our team of professionals take care of all your cleaning needs. From hull cleaning, waxing, and polishing, our services guarantee your boat will look and perform at its best. Don’t settle for an unattractive or poorly-maintained craft – trust Beach to Bay to keep it in top condition!

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