Concrete Jackets

Once the concrete jacket has been jetted into the mud and the height of the jacket is 2-4” below the framing, a locking device is then used. This locking device allows the SnapJacket to maintain its shape and location. When using SnapJackets to repair pilings, we use a MudMixer to pump our own concrete. We will never subcontract any portion of our piling repair and will NEVER pour dry concrete into the SnapJacket like some competitors.

The concrete will fill any holes within the piling caused by marine boring organisms and other natural elements. The 2-3” space between the SnapJacket and piling will be filled with concrete to ensure a proper repair to a structurally damaged piling. The final step is to “Top” the SnapJacket. Once the jacket is pumped full of concrete, we will round off the top of the concrete. This will prevent water from pooling on top of the concrete and allow the concrete to have maximum strength and durability.

Why Snapjacket Is A Good Option?

With lumber prices and other economic factors, replacing a damaged piling with a new piling can be a costly matter. Using SnapJacket, we are able to repair a damaged piling at a lesser cost than replacing it. Also, we do not have to remove any decking or framing. Leaving the existing dock in place while giving it the necessary structural support.

The SnapJacket piling repair system has become an increasingly popular option to repair structurally damaged dock pilings. The SnapJacket is a special PVC “jacket” that is wrapped around the existing wood piling. At Beach to Bay, we make sure to have 2-3” of space between the jacket and the existing piling so the concrete can properly repair the existing piling. We use a water pump, similar to setting new pilings, to jet the SnapJacket into the mud.


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