Cost to replace a pool light

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Pool Light?

How much does it cost to replace a pool light? The answer depends entirely on the pool light that is being replaced and whether or not you are replacing it with a new light fixture or adding a new one. The majority of pool owners who do decide to replace a light use existing fixtures in their existing pool. This will save you money and you can have the job completed within a few hours. You can also replace your pool lights with the main purpose of improving the appearance of your pool at night. Before replacing a pool light, you need to consider costs and the type of lights.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Pool Lamp?

Pool owners need to be aware that prices for replacing pool lights depend on many factors. 

These are some of the factors:

  • Type of pool lighting. There are many pool lights available today. Prices vary based on the attributes of each one.
  • Pool service technicians may charge different rates for lighting services.
  • Underground electric cables are present.

Cost depends on whether you are looking to hire an expert or take part in a DIY project. If you have the experience and knowledge, DIY projects can be cheaper and more straightforward. You might not feel as safe working in your own pool. Instead, hire a professional.

Types of Pool Lights

There are many brands that offer pool lights in today’s age. All pool lights can be used to enhance the aesthetics of your pool, from fiber optic lights to LED lighting. The average cost of LED lights is $150. These lights are ideal for replacing your pool. Prices will vary depending on which manufacturer you choose. Most brands offer warranties. Most brands are less durable the more they cost.

Existing Underground Cables

A proper wiring system will also affect the cost of replacing a pool lamp. You are fine if your cables are in good condition and were installed before you start. The pool light that you choose and the labor cost will be covered by you. You won’t need to buy new cables as you will be using the existing ones.

However, such cases do not allow you to increase the pool lights. Due to the fixed wiring system, you must keep the same number of lights. However, you can ask your service tech to modify the cables. They can also accommodate additional pool lights.

What happens if there are no underground cables? If you don’t have a wiring system you will incur additional costs. To install new wires, you will need to pay your pool technician. You could spend over $1,000 to ensure that your cables last a long time.


If you have the cables, replacing a pool light is usually not costly. On average, halogen lights cost $120 and LED lights about $150. All you have to do is cover the labor costs. Don’t be afraid to upgrade your pool with a high-quality lighting system. It won’t be as expensive as you might think.

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