How much does it cost to detail a boat

How Much Does It Cost to Detail a Boat

How much does it cost to detail a boat? Detailing a boat can be a costly and time-consuming process, but it’s also an important one. Regular detailing can help to protect your investment and ensure that your boat looks and performs its best.

Boat cleaning costs are usually charged per foot. The average cost of detailing a boat is between $10 and $125 depending on its condition and size. The cost of detailing a boat will go up if it is larger than usual. A boat that is larger than 40 feet can often be priced 20% to 40% more than a smaller boat.

Like any type of detailing, there’s a lot to consider when setting your boat detailing price. You want to make sure your boat detailing prices are fair and affordable. Continue reading to find out how.

The Problem With Charging Boat Detailing Per Foot

It can be difficult to set prices for your boat. To keep things simple, it is tempting to use menu pricing. This pricing model doesn’t take into account all variables involved in your work, even if you do decide to charge per foot. This could mean that you are undervaluing your time and leaving money on the table.

Let’s take an example and say that you offer two pricing options. Basic wash would cost $2-$4 per foot and include a wash of both the topside and the hull. The premium package would include a detailed detail that includes a polish, mildew, rust removal, seat condition, wax application, and protectant and wax application. It would cost $16-20 per foot. This pricing model works well when there is only one variable: the size of the boat.

But what if there are other variables than the boat’s size? For example: stains, wear-and-tear, oxidation, etc. Variable-based pricing is a good option. Because the boat type and the condition of the boat are equally important as their size.

You should consider the costs involved in restoring a boat to its original condition when setting up boat detailing prices. You should not only consider the size of your boat but also how much time it will take to get it back to its original condition.

Variable-based pricing will allow you to charge what you actually value. How do you create high-value detailing pricing?

Variable-Based Pricing Is an Option

It is possible to create a boat price list with an itemized list for every charge. This could be very lengthy and complex. Start with the base package and allow for add-ons depending on a few variables.

These are some variables to be aware of:

  • Extra dirty boat – Your boat detailing costs will go up if the boat hasn’t been cleaned in a while. To get customers to return, you might recommend a basic boat detailing at a lower cost.
  • Gradual level of oxidation – A boat that has been heavily oxidized will require the rub rails and stern to be scrubbed with a special compound to remove rust from the hull and restore its shine. For a small boat, you can expect to pay $25 per foot and for large boats up to $70.
  • Barnacle removal – This is a less common service, but you can still price it based on the severity of the problem. Some suggest starting at $1-$5 per foot.
  • Cleaning boat bilges – The cost of this service is usually based on the size of the boat, which can range from $100 to $350.

You can make sure you get the best out of every job by creating flexible price packages and considering your add-ons. You can create price packages that cover the most common needs at a cost per foot, and then add-ons for the more complicated variables.

Average Detailing Cost for Different Boat Types

Here are the prices for cleaning different types of boats.


This versatile boat is great for light fishing trips or water sports. You can choose from a range of sizes, 16 to 28 feet. Classic bowrider designs include a V-shaped seating section that can be used for extra seats and infill cushioning that converts the frontend into a sunbathing space. Cup holders, full-beam, aft benches, grab handles, and under-seat storage compartments are all available.

Detailing costs – Starts at $15

Cruising Yacht

This boat is ideal for those who want the comforts of a home. This boat is ideal for relaxed, enjoyable sailing. It is sporty and sleek, and it’s comfortable. This cruiser can cruise for long distances, which is why it is so detailed when cleaning is necessary.

Detailing costs – Cleaning will cost you around $20 per foot. But depends on the vessel’s size and condition.

Deck Boat

The large deck can hold up to 8-12 people, just like the pontoon boats. People use deck boats for skiing and wakeboarding. The most sought-after deck boat brands are Hurricane Sundeck, Bayliner, Element and Four Winns. They have an average length of 9 to 23, and come in a variety of lengths. These boats are very popular for swimming and water sports.

Detailing costs – Cleaning them usually costs about $10 per foot.

Fishing boat

There are many sizes and shapes available for these boats. These boats are known for their durability, reliability, and strength. They can be used in many waterways and stay on the water for extended periods of time. It’s no surprise that they tend to pick up dirt from saltwater and freshwater. They can range in height from 10 to 24 feet.

Detailing costs – Cleaning costs anywhere from $14 to $18 per Foot


There are many options and they require skill to maintain. These boats are considered special and are loved by daysailers and cruisers alike. They can range in length from 25 to 80 feet and are classified as a class 2 or 3 boat.

Detailing costs – Minimum $15 per foot. Maximum $40

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